Client: Microsoft / Xbox One
Agency: CP+B
When: 2014
Type: Motion work for online experience.
Note: A one second glitch was placed in an Xbox TVC
revealing mysterious codes. Soon, the eagle-eyed gamers were posting the glitch on forums and the questions started flowing. We took players on a cryptic journey across the internet to unlock prizes including special edition consoles, but we went further, one lucky individual would have to go one step further to collect the biggest prize of them all.
Despite it's diminutive size we approached the one second glitch with the same verve and attention to detail as we would tell any great story. Imagining it as a thriller, but with the scenes played out by the user, we wanted the glitch to scratch at the sub-conscious, impressing an uncertainty upon viewers that not all meets the eye and will them to look a little closer. Codes were hidden in plain sight, puzzling the uninitiated but tease our target, the hard-core gamers.

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